* Pretty great day at BridgeWay today!
* Week 2 of our series "Mentor Me"...loving it so far.
* The set up guys rocked it today and unloaded the truck in record time...we were short 4 people on tear down, but still got out by 1pm...not bad.
* If you're looking to get involved in serving at BridgeWay tear down would be a strategic place to serve.
* The band did a great version of "Give Me Jesus" by Jeremy Camp today to close the service!
* A special shout out to Nate for helping with hosting both services today...great job!
* I preached on being "Mentored by Jesus" today...here are some highlights.
* Most of us believe we are saved by grace, but made holy by works.
* Are you trusting Jesus as your Mentor, or just as your Savior?
* It's one thing to trust Jesus with your eternity, but it's another to trust him with your life.
* Do you want Jesus for what he can give you, or for who he is?
* Most of us want Jesus in the car, we just prefer him in the backseat.
* Yes, I did in fact sing Jesus Take the Wheel in church today...had to be there.
* Amazing God moment of the day...A guy who visited our church from Indiana last week because he was in town visiting family drove back this morning 180 miles just to come to church! Best part...he accepted Christ! Wow!
* I'm writing this from St. Francis Medical Center...our daughter Brenna has been pretty sick since Saturday morning and we ended up in the ER tonight...your prayers are appreciated.
* Exciting news from this weekend is that it looks like our insurance is going to ok replacing our entire roof after we lost a ton of shingles in the blizzard a couple weeks ago!
* Don't miss our night of worship and baptism this Saturday night at Pekin First Nazarene at 5pm...gonna be a blast!
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