• Sorry this is a day late...I crashed after church yesterday and didn't wake up until our friends came over for the Superbowl last night.
  • It was the first Sunday afternoon nap I've taken in 2+ years...crazy!
  • I needed it.
  • Pretty crazy week/weekend...between our shingles getting torn off the house, a ton of counseling and meetings, and hanging with my buddy Jeff Dill working on Helena's room (he did most of the work), and no sleep Saturday night...I was shot...not complaining, just explaining to quote a mentor of mine.
  • We kicked off a new series called "Mentor Me" on Sunday!  We're really going to see some great things come out of this series...lots of God stories happening in our church with people mentoring others.
  • I'm convinced people are hungry for mentors who will believe in then and help them accomplish God's purpose for their lives.
  • I shared about how what mentors do...
  • They help us hear God's call on our lives.
  • They help us see God's plans when we can't.
  • They help us to sense God's presence.
  • They help us to remember God's faithfulness. 
  • The band did an amazing job with an acoustic cover of "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters...great stuff!
  • At the end of the service we celebrated some really cool things...you can hear about them here!
  • One thing we celebrated was the completion of the cases for our equipment...we even showed one off in the service...at 11am when I opened the case Kevin Grose just happened to be inside...hilarious...I lost it!
  • We definitely missed Matt, but our teams did a great job leading, and Matt had done a great job building teams that can be counted on.
  • Big week this week...I'll be meeting with the board of ministry all day on Thursday interviewing ministers for licenses and ordination...say a prayer for us on Thursday.
  • Also, pray for Connie our Pastor of Family Life as she will be interviewing for ordination on Thursday!
  • Have a great week church!
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