This Sunday we'll be kicking off a new series called "Mentor Me".  Talking through the message with a LifeGroup, or even your family is a great way to help you turn what God says on Sunday into action steps throughout the week.  These questions are for our LifeGroups, but they also are a great tool for you to use with your family over lunch or dinner on Sunday...or at halftime of the big game.

1. Who is someone that believed in you and encouraged you while you were growing up?  How did their influence help shape what you've become today?

2. Read Acts 13:36.  This passage talks about David accomplishing the purpose God had for his life.  Mentors are simply coaches who help us to accomplish God's purpose for our lives.  Who are some people that have not just influenced your life, but helped you to accomplish God's purpose for your life?

3. Describe a time that someone took a chance on you?  How did you grow from that opportunity?

4. Read 1 Chronicles 28:9-12, 19-20.  David is nearing the end of his life, and is investing in mentoring his son Solomon.  From this passage, what are some of the things that mentors do to help us accomplish God's purpose for our lives?

5. Who is someone you are currently mentoring or influencing?  What are some of the positive things you are adding to their life?  What are some of the things holding you back from being the type of example God would desire you to be?

6.  What individual or group of people is God calling you to influence in a positive way?  What next step do you need to take to carry out that calling?

As always, close your time with prayer for the people in your group.  Focus especially on praying for the people you are influencing, and the people God is calling you to influence.
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