• Great morning at BridgeWay!
  • We kicked off a new series today called "Lie to Me"...and to say the least I think it's going to be a great series.
  • Here's a link to the roll-in bumper.
  • In case you missed it...Dave Craig kicked off the series today with a message on the lie that "we have to clean up, before we show up".
  • Some of the key take-aways for me were:
    • Shame is the source of most religious lies.
    • We try to cover our shame in one of two ways: Religion or Excuses.
    • We can never clean ourselves up enough to be acceptable to God, but through faith in Jesus we can all be cleaned up by God from the inside out.
    • True life change happens when I trust in Jesus and allow him to clean up my life, and stop playing the religious game.
    • The illustration of Dave wearing a suit and then taking it off was really strong...if not a little creepy ;)
  • The band was smokin' today!
  • Great spirit in worship in the congregation as well...you guys sang really loud both services!
  • If you were not there, Dave will be joining our staff as a part-time staff member in April in the areas of volunteers, local & global missions, and pastoral care.
  • Some of you asked me today about my experience getting stuck in Chicago last night...I was coming back from a Church Planter Assessment Center in Michigan, and due to ice on the interstate, I successfully turned a 6 hour trip into a 10 hour trip!
  • Right now I'm on a flight from Atlanta into Sarasota to spend 3 days with my grandfather before coming back and hitting it hard in preparation for Easter!
  • Met a really talented artist on the flight named Jamie Kirkell...check his work out here!
  • Last thought...we saw over 500 people in worship today!  I think around 520!  Wow...just wow!
  • That's great, but what if we all determined to invite someone to come with us next Sunday too!
  • Don't miss next week!  Matt Robinson will be back and trust me he's gonna be a lean mean preachin' machine!
  • Have a great week church!
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  1. faith + family+ food
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2011/03/sunday-night-reflections.html?showComment=1299522614258#c562205886423251305'> 12:30

    Dale, I don't know Dave, so please pass on to him how great we thought his message was yesterday. I have to say when I saw him come out in a suit I thought this is kind of strange, a little formal for Bridgeway, but let's just wait and see. His message was so timely and such great reminder that Jesus just loves us and accepts us right where we are. Shame and regret hold so many of us back(me included, big time)and God doesn't see our sin, He sees us, and He loves us! Anyway, great message and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.


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