Last night we spent New Year's Eve together as a family for the first time in several years.  Usually we attend or host a New Year's Eve party, but because we were going to get back from Christmas vacation so late in the day we changed it up this year (and might in the future too).

We dressed up, went out to dinner together, and talked about our favorite memories from well as some memories we hope to make in 2011.

Here are some of our family highlights in no particular order:

1. Vacationing together in Washington, DC over Memorial Day weekend, and getting to attend the National Memorial Day Concert on the Capitol Building lawn.
2. Mia's first day of kindergarten.
3. Steph and my weekend trip to Kansas City for a friend's wedding, Royals game, and watching the World Cup with about 12,000 people in KC's Power and Light District.
4. Helena loved getting to attend and compete at Celebrate Life at Olivet.
5. Taking a daytrip to Starved Rock State Park and hiking several of the canyons there.
6. Sledding together at "The Pit" in our hometown.
7. Easter at the East Peoria Event Center with over 1,500 people showing up for Operation Egg Drop.
8. Successfully relocating our congregation to Tremont High School.
9. Day trip to Lincoln, IL to visit the Lincoln Museum and watch the Rt. 66 Drive-In.
10. Attending midnight showings with Helena (especially The A-Team).
11. Attending my first Celtics game with Steph and Helena (even though they lost and KG got hurt).

I'm convinced that one of the best goals any family can have is the goal to make memories together...and I'm looking forward to making some more this year!
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