Read a great post on Seth Godin's blog this morning about what he shipped in 2010. If you know Seth's writing at all, he constantly challenges people to fight their "lizard brain" and actually ship/produce something. You can read his post here.

He closed his post by challenging people to post what they shipped in here goes.

- Wrote my first Life Action Plan, and saw dramatic improvement in a couple of key areas in my life.
- Relocated BridgeWay's Sunday worship experiences from Morton Cinemas to Tremont High School to improve our Children's Ministry and add space for growth.
- Saw over 1,500 people join BridgeWay for our Easter Outreach...nearly 1,000 who participated in Easter Worship.
- Worked with BridgeWay staff to refine our discipleship process.
- Wrote the first draft of my first book, "I'm a Christian Now What".
- Spoke 42 Sundays at BridgeWay, and wrote 50+ sermons.
- Began providing church planter coaching through New Church Specialties...currently working with 2 church planters.
- Created a coaching process for Northwestern Illinois COTN district pastors.
- Spoke at the Mighty Men Men's Conference.
- Launched my first men's mentoring group called Fight Club.
- Positioned BridgeWay to launch it's first daughter church by sending a team to launch a new church on the north side of Indianapolis.

Obviously I did not accomplish any of these things alone. I am especially grateful to my family for their support. Everything on this list related to BridgeWay is a team effort, dependent on our amazing volunteers and a great staff (thanks Matt, Connie, Chuck, and Shirley). And anything I launched for the district is strongly influenced and assisted by our Mission Strategy Team and the support of Dr. Crawford Howe (the best mentor I've ever had in ministry). Ultimately, all glory, honor and praise goes to God!

What a great year it has been, and I can't wait to see where God leads in 2011.

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