It's the end of the year and I'm doing some evaluation of my life action plan, life goals, and life in general.  As a part of the process I'm evaluating my writing and blogging patterns and topics.  Here's my top 10 posts from the past year...interestingly 3 of them are older than one year old.

1. iPad vs Rock 
(I had to eat my words on this one after I bought an iPad mid-year...I love it by the way)

2. Preaching from an iPad 
(Lots of search engine traffic for this post...interestingly, I still find I prefer paper)

3. Can a Christian Get a Tattoo?
(Another often searched for topic)

4. Invictus Leadership Lessons
(I still get quite a bit of traffic from this post)

5. About Me
(This is why every blog needs an "About" link in a prominent location)

6. Easter Egg Drop Pictures
(Most of the hits are from other churches considering similar events...neat stuff)

7. Anti-Psalm 23
(I love this unusual piece, and it's hard to find on the net so I posted it here...lots of search traffic...a post from 2 years ago that still has staying power)

8. Coaching
(I get several contacts for coaching because of this one simple link)

9. What Does the Bible Say about Dating?
(Part of our annual Q&A the post about Tattoos...still get a lot of traffic on this one)

10. How to Deal with Opposition?
(A post from over 2 year ago that still gets lots of search engine traffic)

In the past I've used my blog to communicate with BridgeWay quite a bit (and I think I still will do that), but I'm thinking I might shift the content slightly to be more focused on content that applies in a broader context.
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