• Great day at BridgeWay today!
  • I've really enjoyed our Christmas series this year...while it's not be a normal or traditional Christmas series...it really gets to the heart of the gospel and challenges us as a church to be the body of Christ.
  • Great spirit in the room given the heaviness of the sermon today.
  • I preached on the question, "Are you a follower of Jesus, or are you a fan of Jesus?"
  • First service when I asked the question there was an audible gasp from some people in the congregation...the self realization happening in the room was really strong.
  • God's Spirit was definitely moving...love it!
  • I gotta say though that sermons like that take it out of me, and I was tapped by the end of it, and still had a big lunch meeting, and a discipleship group meeting tonight...I'm getting sleepy.
  • The band did a great job today with Revolution by the Beatles to open the service and closing out with "I Surrender to You" by Camp.
  • Our Guerrilla Lover's Food Drive was today and we filled one of our 14ft trailers!
  • Huge props to everyone who helped make this happen!
  • LifeGroups canvased neighborhoods. 
  • People got their whole offices and workplaces behind it and did a food drive in their offices!
  • One guy Dave got his whole workplace involved and the owners of the business made significant gifts to help fill the trailer!
  • Just a great picture of what the church should be doing!
  • Excited for Christmas Eve worship this Friday night at 5pm at Tremont High School!
  • Get their early to get a good seat!
  • Be praying about what God would have you to give as a part of our Guerrilla Lover's Offering...we set a goal of $15,000 and I believe if we all bring our best gift to Jesus this Christmas we can hit the goal of investing in global missions, local missions, and planting a new church!
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