• Probably the worst weather we've had on a Sunday in the last couple years.
  • While there was no snow when we started setting up at 6am...by 9:30 we had snow flying and near whiteout conditions.
  • Matt and I were talking before service guessing if we'd see over 200 people come out for worship today...the average guess was about 170...at the end of the day we saw 207 people join us for worship on a pretty awful weather Sunday.
  • Even with the bad weather, we didn't have any call-offs on set-up this morning, and our volunteers straight rocked it all day!
  • We've only canceled church one time in our history, and that was for over an inch of ice on the roads and a near skating rink in the parking lot.
  • Just so you know, we very seldom cancel church, and if we do, we post it on our website, WCIC, and local television stations by 8am in the morning. 
  • Great worship set today by the band...The Time Has Come, We Unite, and Til' I See You...and a great original song by Dave Gama that he wrote...I believe that God's got a story he want to write through your life if you'll let him.
  • Matt did a great job preaching today on the parable of the Good Samaritan. 
  • If we want to truly be love revolutionaries we've got to have the compassion of Christ along with a commitment to offer God our everything!
  • Looking forward to finishing out our Guerrilla Lovers Christmas series next Sunday, and our Christmas Eve service the following week.
  • Still got a few Christmas Eve tickets available...pick them up at the office or next Sunday at church.
  • Have a great week church
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