• Great Christmas Eve Worship Experience at BridgeWay last night!
  • Even with 5-6 inches of snow and terrible road conditions, we saw around 350 people join us for worship...and at least 2 people make professions of faith!
  • About 2 hours before the service I looked at Matt and said, "do you think we should just move this whole thing to Sunday?" It was snowing that bad and the roads were slicker than a college football recruiter.
  • Obviously, we didn't reschedule...and I'm glad we didn't...but if we'd had good weather, we'd have been in big trouble with seating.
  • Huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the service happen...especially the set-up teams and parking teams who worked extra hard to make it all come together!
  • All of our teams work so hard to create a great worship experience, and I'm proud to be apart of such a great team!
  • The band did a great job on Christmas Eve Sarajevo, and having the Treasure Quest kids help lead "All Creation Sing/Joy to the World" was a highlight of the service for me.
  • Loved the video clip we showed from St. James Church in New Zealand...you can check it out here...just absolutely priceless retelling of the Christmas story.
  • After worship we headed out on the road to spend Christmas with our family in Michigan...a tradition we've only missed once or twice in 13 years of marriage.
  • Unfortunately, driving at night with a half-foot of snow on the ground is not a lot of fun.  We successfully completed a 4 hour trip in just over 7 hours and got in around 3am...oh joy!
  • Looking forward to taking the final week of 2010 to rest and relax with family and friends...hope you get to do some of the same over the next few days!
  • Have a great week...and Merry Christmas!
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