I went with my oldest daughter Helena and two of my nieces (Lexi & Paige) to watch TRON: Legacy in 2D.

I'd been excited to see TRON: Legacy since I'd heard it was being made.  I love Jeff Bridges, and have a strong interest in 1980's video game related material.

Unfortunately, TRON: Legacy did not come close to meeting my expectations.  Nor did it meet my expectations for a film to be well paced, emotionally moving, and intellectually engaging.

Here are my quick hit thoughts on TRON: Legacy.
  • The film was beautiful throughout.  The action scenes were entertaining, if not emotionally engaging.
  • The pacing of the film was so poor that even my 12 year old niece noticed it.  The story was painfully slow and plodding in the middle of the second act and through the end of the film. 
  • The movie tried too hard to make you feel something, the story was so thin and the characters so underdeveloped that all I felt was my butt getting numb from the wait to leave. 
  • The soundtrack was just alright for me...but interesting at times.
  • The casting was alright, but the woodenness of most of the cast made Michael Sheen's character seem completely out of place (but Sheen was still one of the few characters who made me feel anything during the film).
Overall I'd give it 4 out of 10 for entertainment value.  Just not nearly a strong enough story to carry a 2 hour film.  Cut it by 30 minutes and speed up the pacing and it might have been a 6 or 7.
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