When people are passionate about what they do they are more effective at what they do.

They came to follow Jesus, but they got stuck with you.

We cannot be clones when it comes to passion.

You cannot be a "me to" leader and pass on passion.

Leadership is always transition...moving from here to there.

Part of leadership is making sure that the lamp does not go out.

Challenge people whiteout overwhelming them.

If I don't preach good, I just say Holy Spirit help them see it.

Passion can what power or even principles can't do.

Some people will never relate to principles, but will follow passion.

2 Types of Leaders: Builders and Bankers.
Builders can build with little resources.
Bankers can manage it and make it stable.

If you only surround yourself with people like you, they will COMPETE with you, but they will never COMPLETE you.

Don't try to hold to tightly to someone who was meant to come and then go.

How do you manage someone who is passionate in a way that you don't understand?

Give direction to you fighters.

If you are going to lead people you have to be willing to let them see your wounds.

People learn as much from your struggle as they do your strength.

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