Leaders have to be authentic.

You cannot portray yourself as something other than what you are.

Informality helps to breed authenticity.

You have got to energize people.

You job is to excite people around the mission and vision.

Energizing people is getting them to feel the vision.

I didn't know what to expect, but I knew what I needed to accomplish.

The job of a leader is to raise the intellectual temperature in the room by drawing out the people in the room.

Help people to tell a real story that they care about.

We fought desperately to get people to say what they really think.

Identified the top 20% of employees
The middle 70% of employees
The bottom 10% of employees
He differentiated between people.

Don't the teams with the best players win?
You need an appraisal system that let's people know where they stand.

In most places people spend their time trying to make the bottom 10% better, rather than trying to harness the strengths of the top 20%.

How do top people act:
Good People
Love seeing People Grow
Generosity of Spirit
They don't have Envy

How do the vital 70% act:
Hard working, but not as gifted
Can count on them

The stress is in the top of the vital 70%.

Here's what I like about what you are doing and here's what I want to see you improve.

Bottom 10%
Pain in the a#%
Negative energy

Sometimes you have to listen to the Boss Haters...the people you need to get rid of is the Hallway Whisperer.

You have to do everything you can to stop the meeting after the meeting.

While I admit there are biases, I can't find a better way to build great teams without differentiation.

Biggest mistake was that I moved to slowly.

How many times have you said, "I wish I would have waited longer."

There are consequences of waiting as all as to taking risks.

We started planning for succession 8 years before my retirement.

We identified 20+ potential successors, and when we got to the final 3 they were all the long-shots

Hiring is hard, succession is brutal.

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