Confession. I like to see progress come quickly. I like to work at something and be able to see what I've accomplished at the end of the day.

Works great for things that don't matter much. Things like mowing a lawn, or cleaning the garage. (Ladies I know cleaning the garage is a big thing)

Problem is that things that really matter often don't allow you to see your progress quite as quickly.

Building a healthy marriage, a happy family, or a strong church are factors of consistent incremental progress.

We spent the last afternoon of our vacation at Starved Rock State Park. As we walked through the canyons I was reminded of just how long it takes to accomplish something significant. How long it really takes to transform a landscape.

I gotta say, while the progress isn't always obvious, I'm thankful for a God who transforms us over time.

What situation are you facing where you want to see God move all at once, but what you really need is for him to transform you little by little as you are obedient to Him over time?
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