To change the culture, you have to change the conversation.

To make Christlike disciples, we must be Christlike disciples.

Jesus didn't do or say anything unless he saw or heard his Father saying it first.

To be Jesus' disciples we must be with him...and we can enter into his presence daily.

Lovers always out produce workers.

We not only need to meet with Jesus, but we need to walk with Jesus.


It's the heart that causes us to do what we do.

ILLUST: advisors of the round table

Will - my ability to choose informed by my advisors
Jesus - the king who allows me to choose his leadership
Holy Spirit - the servant to helps the will to choose Jesus
Mind - the thoughts I have that my will must choose to surrender to Jesus
Emotions - the feelings that my will must choose to surrender to Jesus
Desires - the temptations that my will must surrender to Jesus
People - the voices of others that my will must surrender to Jesus
Destructive Spiritual Influence - the power of spiritual evil that my will must surrender to Jesus

Most people don't understand the depth of the battle that is going on inside of their hearts for control of their will.

If we're going to follow Christ we have a lot of "heartwork" to do.

Proverbs 4:23

Romans 8:1-4, 13-14

Galatians 5:16, 23

2 Corinthians 10:5b

Step 1 "As you are going, make disciples"
Your family, church, world.

Step 2 "Baptizing them"
This means more than water, but so much more...inundate them or drown them in the character of Jesus. Dump Jesus all over people.

Step 3 "teaching to obey"
There is a difference between heart obedience and head obedience.
Obedience is first about the heart

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