"Therefore, prepare your minds for action..." - 1st Peter 1:13

I was reminded of this passage while watching one of my daughter's soccer practices the other night.  Effective action, requires intentional preparation.

If this is true for the game of soccer, it is certainly true for the game of life.

As a leader one of the principles I operate by to help me prepare myself for action is the principle of 1/3rds.

I try to budget my weekly time in thirds.

1/3rd of my time invested in PREPARING (study, reading, prayer, evaluation, and dreaming)
1/3rd of my time invested in PRODUCING (writing, creating, planning, and building)
1/3rd of my time invested in PEOPLE (counseling, preaching, teaching, teams, and mentoring)

What would happen if you would invest a significant percentage of your time in preparing yourself for action?  If you say you don't have time to prepare, what are you currently saying "yes" to that you need to say "no" to?
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