In the words of Steven Tyler was great to be "back in the saddle again" preaching at BridgeWay!

I preached on Why We Celebrate as was a lot of fun!

My voice is shot tonight from preaching so hard both services.

I thought the 9:30 service was great, but hands down the 11am service was the rowdiest crowd of the day.

Gave some shout outs to Matt for preaching the past two weeks, our Guest Services teams, and our Treasure Quest team!

Also, a big thanks to the band for learning a new song when I threw it at them midweek!

I really thought that "Jesus Saves" was a great song to follow the message from Luke 7!

Preached on the woman who anointed Jesus feet with her tears and encouraged our congregation to worship Jesus with passion!

The are two types of people, those who think God owes them something, and those who realize that they owe God everything.

The hardest area for a lot of people to worship Jesus passionately is with their's also the thing that holds a lot of people back from passionate worship.

There is something about recognizing you don't belong in the presence of Jesus that qualifies you to be there.

And yes, I did in fact wear a lavender shirt to church want to make something of it? Well do ya...punk.

We saw 7 people make professions of faith today, and dozens more make a commitment to worship Jesus passionately!

You'll get your chance next Sunday at Party in the Park!

We'll be baptizing between 25-30 people! Then having a rockin' BBQ and Labor Day Festival with inflatables, petting zoo, face painting, ballon art, and Bags Tourney!

Don't miss it!

Oh yeah and one more thing pray for Emma a 3 year old daughter of a friend of a friend who was trampled by a family horse yesterday and is in critical condition.

Okay, two more things...also pray for me on Wednesday and Thursday as I go on a two day prayer and planning retreat to map out our next 6 months of worship experiences for BridgeWay!

Have a great week!

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