1. We had 17 people make first time professions of faith during our God at the Movies series!  Yup, I think that's awesome!
  2. We had to cut a song yesterday because I was running long.  I think that kinda stinks since it was a new song that we were looking forward to introducing.
  3. I think you could preach on forgiveness every week and never run out of content to preach on...forgiveness is in the words of Steven Furtick the "opperating system" of our faith. 
  4. I think I said "crap yourself" in my sermon Sunday (not my best preaching moment)...I cleaned it up for second service when by talking about it being time for us to put on the "big boy pants".  Still the point is that Paul says if we're mature we will forget the past and focus on the future...I gotta admit there are times that I gotta put on my big boy pants too.
  5. I think I've really enjoyed doing "God at the Movies" in the summer...might become a regular kinda thing.
  6. I think I really enjoyed doing this series with my buddy Brian from Rockford and his church...would love to do it again, or even partner with more churches next year.
  7. I think that we could pack out Splashdown Waterpark tonight for "Family Night at Splashdown"!  Praying we get no rain!  Also, if you're short tickets please come anyway...we'll make sure you get in.
  8. I think that if parenting is one of the hardest things that a person can ever do, and one of the most rewarding.  Because of that I'm pretty excited for our "Modern Family" series that's coming up in September, and our "Sneek Peek" into the series that I'll be doing next Sunday called "The Little Things, are the Big Things".
  9. I think I can't wait to go to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit (simulcast) this Thursday and Friday!  I've been twice, and both times God has used it to rock my world!
  10. I think our volunteers are some of the best in the world!  Sunday I was talking to some first-time guests, and they couldn't stop talking about how great our Guest Services team was...thanks for serving BridgeWay!
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