Leadership Slumps

* leadership challenges that you can't seem to solve.

1. Leaders Move People From HERE to THERE
* problem is, some people like it HERE.

I've learned that the first plan is not to describe how great THERE will be, but how TERRIBLE it would be if we stay HERE.

Before you give your "I have a dream" speech, you have to give several "We can't stay here" speeches.

2. It Takes Great PEOPLE
* building great teams of fantastic people is necessary for leadership.
* Character, Competence, Chemistry, CULTURE.
* What kind of person flourishes in our CULTURE?
* Attract, Develop, and Maintain great people who excel in your culture.

3. Mile Markers and Celebrations
* where are people most susceptible to discouragement on the journey from HERE to THERE? It's in the middle third...along the way it gets really hard.
* refill there vision bucket regularly.
* people's vision bucket leaks.
* CELEBRATE every mile marker individually.
* what keeps people on the journey is a sense of hope that they are going to get there someday.
* find ways to turn setbacks into celebration.
* there is a 40% differential in productivity between inspired leaders and demotivated leaders.
* when is the last time you set some mile markers and celebrated?

4. Whispers From God
* you don't get from HERE to THERE in a straight line.
* you don't get from HERE to THERE without hearing from God along the way.
* without the whisper from God it is unlikely that I would have changed directions...imagine what you will miss if you blow off the whisper of God.

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