• Another great Sunday at BridgeWay!
  • We're in week 3 of God at the Movies and looked at the film The Blind Side.
  • I ran parallel stories with The Blind Side and the story of Mephibosheth...a different sermon form than I normally use, but a lot of fun to put together and preach.
  • Talked about the power of Divine Moments to change our lives. 
  • I'm convinced that God can do more in a moment than I can accomplish in a lifetime.
  • God as called people who follow Jesus to live with their eyes wide open to partner with God in helping people experience divine moments.
  • The greatest divine moment you can ever experience is the moment you accept the invitation to sit at the King's table as one of the King's sons or daughters.
  • We celebrated communion today and challenged people to see the communion table as a table that extends both backwards in history and forward into the future.  Just as thousands have sat at the table in the past, thousands more will sit at in the future...the question is who will sit there because of your invitation.
  • The band sand Leeland's "Carried to the Table" during communion...wow...such a powerful song!
  • Shout out to Ryan Kohler who make his vocal debut at BridgeWay this morning singing a little back up on that song.
  • It's been great doing God at the Movies in the summer, and once again we saw a ton of first time guests this week...great summer series.
  • Getting pretty pumped up for Family Night at Splashdown in one week!
  • Give out as many tickets as you can...great chance to connect with people who wouldn't normally attend any church...and to connect as a church outside of Sunday morning!
  • Had a great time with our staff and Leadership Team tonight!
  • We had a cookout to welcome the new Lead Team members out at the beach pavilion at Heritage Lake...good food...great company...and the kids got to swim...fun stuff.
  • Also enjoyed getting to go to the Bloomington Children's Museum yesterday with our family and some other families from BridgeWay...fun afternoon...bummed it rained though cause I missed playing some disc golf.
  • Lots of meetings coming up...so I might be a little quiet online this week.
  • See ya next Sunday!
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  1. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/07/sunday-night-reflections_25.html?showComment=1280116118907#c1938173186029846268'> 22:48

    I like it alot gale. I was looking for the notes or sound but dont know where to find it. or are ya not doing that any more on the bwcc.tv site.

    ben A


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