This past Sunday I preached from my iPad for the first time. Here are my first impressions, and a quick snapshot of my process.

What I Liked:
* Backlit display. The lighting in the movie theater is not great, but with the iPad I was able to read my notes easily and from further away than normal.
* Portability. Rather than carry around 2 sheets of paper or tape/paperclip my notes in my Bible, I was able to carry my iPad and have my notes right in front of me without worrying about a page flying away.
* access. At one point in my message I wanted to access a verse I couldn't remember the reference I switched to my YouVersion app and did a quick search while a video clip played...bam...found my verse and was able to switch back to my notes flawlessly.

What I Didn't Like:
* Because it's new, it could have been a distraction to people.
* That's about it.

My Process:
1. Save my message notes as a PDF.
2. Email the PDF to myself.
3. Open the PDF in GoodReader (iBooks works too).
4. Preach.

A Couple Tips:
* Switch the Auto-Lock feature to OFF.
* Turn off the volume.
* Consider using landscape if you prefer a wider layout.
* Lock the auto-rotate feature once you decide between portrait and landscape.
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