• Week 2 of God at the Movies today!
  • Simply a great Sunday!
  • We looked at the movie UP today and talked about how we deal with the disappointment that happens when our destination doesn't look like our dreams.
  • If you haven't seen UP I highly recommend that you check it out...the first 10 minutes alone is probably some of the best cinema ever!
  • To keep with the theme of the day for UP we decorated the theater with around 300 balloons...it looked really great!  Huge shout out to everyone whose served on a Guest Services or Set Up team the past couple weeks...the theater has looked great!
  • We also added some music outside the theater as people were coming in from the parking lot that really helped to increase people's sense that something big was happening...loved it!
  • The band was great as usually...but both services had a level of energy that I haven't seen in our worship for awhile...just a great sense of celebration and anticipation!
  • Did a new song called "For Your Name" off of the last Hillsong United release...loved that recording!
  • Had another great crowd with lots of first-time guests!  Moving God at the Movies to the summer has been awesome!  Last summer we were averaging around 280 in worship in July, but we've come close to 400 this July...so excited that every week we've seen new people and first time commitments to Christ!
  • Sometimes I feel funny saying how many people were in church on a Sunday, but I really think it's important to remember that summer is not a time to just shut it down and put it on auto-pilot...you can reach new people in the summer!
  • Teen camp is this week and I'll be driving our kids up tomorrow and then helping with pick-up on
    Friday...it's the first year in 9 years that I haven't worked a teen camp...and honestly it's a little bittersweet.  I'm pumped that we've got so many great sponsors going from BridgeWay that I'm not really needed, but I'm also a little sad to miss out on the fun that happens at camp every year.
  • Be praying for our kids and all the kids who are at camps this week...big spiritual decisions being made!
  • Hope to see you all next Sunday for The Blind Side...gonna be an awesome Sunday!
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