A little different Monday Morning Quarterback today.  This weekend Steph and I headed to KC for a wedding, a church site visit, and to celebrate our 13th anniversary (it was 2 weeks ago, but couldn't celebrate until this past weekend).  So I'll leave it up to Matt to let you know everything that happened at BridgeWay this past weekend as we continued our ONE PRAYER series.

What I liked about this weekend
  • I love that we have such great volunteer teams and staff members at BridgeWay!  A church should not fall apart when the pastor is not there and I'm proud of our staff and volunteer leaders!
  • Loved getting to be in the Kansas City area!  KC is where Steph and I started our life together 13 years ago...great to be back in the place we spent the first 5 years of our marriage.
  • Getting to do so many great things in such a short 2 day time period!  Seriously, could have been my favorite 2 days ever!
  • Loved spending 2 days with just me and Steph together...doesn't happen nearly enough.
  • Loved getting walk around the Plaza with Steph...one of our favorite places to just walk and window shop.  Although we did a little more than window shop this time.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought an iPad...umm yeah...awesome!  We also picked up a cool gift for Brenna.
  • We also hit up the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the 18th & Vine district.  One of the coolest little known museums.  Great time.  Baseball fans must check this out!  Also home of the American Jazz Museum.
  • Got to check out the new Power & Light District in downtown KC for the largest outdoor World Cup Watch Party in the United States.  Loved watching the game outside with 12,000 of our closest friends!  Even got on ESPN (well at least our faces did)!
  • Loved getting to spend the late afternoon at the wedding of a great young man and his bride at Nazarene Theological SeminaryJake and I got to work together for about a year after we started BridgeWay, and it was a pleasure and an honor...glad Steph and I got to be at your wedding buddy! 
  • Running into Jim Chapman yet again!  Seriously dude are you stalking me or what?  First Washington DC for the Memorial Day Concert and now Kansas City...I can't get away without running into that guy.
  • Catching some great KC BBQ at Jack Stack BBQ with my bride after the wedding!  If you're ever in KC, you gotta try this!
  • Spending a late night visit with our friends Thad & Heather Cole.  We dropped in late around 9pm and left around midnight.  Thad was the best-man in my wedding, and we definitely miss getting together with them!
  • Getting a great deal through Priceline on a room at the Marriott up by the Airport...then finding out that the church we were going to check out was just down the road!  Seriously if you don't use priceline you should at least think about it...we've yet to be disappointed and have saved hundreds of dollars in the last few years!
  • Visiting Restore Community Church!  What God is doing there is just awesome!  Heard about them through Dave Ferguson and just love what they are doing.  So many good things that I'll post a separate reflection on our site visit there.  One thing really cool about this church was that they were meeting in the High School just down the road from the Jr. High School we rented when we helped at a church plant called Northland Community Church back in college.
  • After church getting to go the Royals/Cardinals game at the renovated Kauffman Stadium!  I know I said I gave up on the Royals, but I can't seem to kick the habit.  So yup, I wore my Grienke jersey to the game...which the Royals won 10-3 by the way.
  • The newly renovated K!  Just a great baseball experience!  The massive video board is just ridiculous!
  • Getting to see my girls after a couple days away!  Love being away, but can't stand being away too long!
What I didn't like about this weekend
  • The terrible traffic in St. Louis both coming and going.  On the way there we sat through about 2 hours of traffic back-up, and on the way back it rained the whole trip and I-70 was actually shut down outside of St. Louis due to being flooded...crazy!
  • That's pretty much it...the rest was awesome!
Some quick shots from the weekend (and a couple that I borrowed)
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