I received a phone call today from someone wanting to know how to tell if they were really growing spiritually.  Great question!  Here are 3 ways you can tell that you are growing spiritually.

1. Other people take notice. 
Are other people noticing positive changes in your life and attitude?  If so it's a pretty good sign you're growing spiritually.

2. God is speaking to you through Scripture. 
Can you point to specific Scripture that God has been using to discipline you and to change you.
3. When you're under pressure what comes out is more like Jesus and less like you. 

If you think of your life as a sponge, whatever you're full of is what will come out when you're under pressure.  If you're full of yourself, pride, anger, or bitterness that's what will come out.  But if you're full of the Spirit you'll dump the fruit of the Spirit all over people. (strange image I know)

So how about you?  How do you know you're growing spiritually?
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