* Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
* I had a great Father's Day today!
* Got to worship with a great church...I loved being with Rock Church last week, but it was great to be back at BridgeWay!
* Got to hear a great message from Dino Rizzo, lead pastor at Healing Place Church in Louisiana!
* Laughed at his silly "Bananas" the monkey illustration.
* Laughed even harder when I watch Toy Story 3 with my family this afternoon and saw "Bananas" was in the movie!
* Got to hear the band lead a great new song "Sing, Sing, Sing"...yeah I know it's a few years old, but new to us today.
* Got to grill out for Father's Day...made some killer chimichurri that took the BBQ to a whole notha level!
* Got an awesome new pair of Nike golf shoes for Father's Day!
* Got a new Zack Grienke Royals jersey! It's sweet! And yes, I know I said I quit the Royals, but they're like a bad rash I can't get rid of...and the jersey is sweet!
* Already said it, but I loved Toy Story 3! Fantastic film! Far darker than most animated fare.
* Yes. I cried at the end. Darn you Woody!
* If you think about it, say a prayer for a family who lost their 21 year old son this weekend. Just heart breaking stuff. Former student from my student ministry days.
* Would love to have you join us for morning prayer on Tuesdays at 8am at the BridgeWay Ministry Center!
* Sorry if there are errors in this post, but I'm writing it on my Blackberry...internet has been down at the house for 3 days.
* Looking forward to a full week of ministry...hope you are too!
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