* Finished out our series, "Everyone Ends Up Somewhere..." this morning by talking about ending up somewhere financially.
* I'm convinced one of the greatest barriers to Christians accomplishing God's purpose for their life is poor financial planning.
* Too many of us are digging a hole financially, and unable to act when God calls us to do something.
* Three questions we all need to ask to end up somewhere on purpose financially: 1) What is my financial vision, 2) What is my financial path, and 3) What is my financial plan.
* I shared our family's financial budget, not to say look at us, but to give a picture of a budget.
* I also shared our church's budget. We've invested 17% in others, 23% in facilities, 30% in programing/ministry, and 30% in staffing.
* We also updated our congregation on our Greater Things initiative. We've invested significantly in ministry to others, almost $45k, and are just slightly behind our goal of raising $40k for future facility development.
* We also challenged our congregation to pray this week as we've got some meetings happening that will help us sense where God is leading regarding future facilities.
* The band was great today! Great spirit in worship, and nailed "Stop and Stare" by OneRepublic!
* Challenged people to sign up for Financial Peace University for this next semester of LifeGroups...we saw around 26 families go through this last semester.
* Can't wait to kick off our next series "If You Really Knew Me..." next Sunday! Bring someone with you!
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    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/04/sunday-reflections.html?showComment=1272246256292#c4845530051079575857'> 20:44

    I,m glad to say that I,m on this path with a long journey ahead....But at least I,m on the path after a real hard reality in my life about two years ago...thanx Preach...


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