With respect to Peter King of Sports Illustrated (who I blatently stole the title of this blog post from)...here are the 10 Things I Think I Think about this past weekend.
  1. I think this series "If You Really Knew Me..." will be one we remember for a long time at BridgeWay.  If for no other reason than the fact I admitted it's technically illegal for me to set foot inside of a K-Mart. (you'll have to watch the message for the story on that).
  2. I think you will not want to miss Sunday's sermon.  I'm going to be talking about "Judgementalism & Hypocracy".  If you know anyone who's biggest excuse for not coming to church is that all Christians are hypocrites...get them here Sunday!  And if you're a mother, you've a great opportunity to guilt them into coming with you...it is Mother's Day after all! ;)
  3. I think the band has been as good as I've ever heard them the past 2 weeks...wow just great stuff. 
  4. I think that God is up to some pretty big things over the Summer here at BridgeWay...don't miss it!
  5. I think I can't wait for our June series "One Prayer"...this year's theme is "Unstoppable..."  I'm still working through what I'll preach on, but one of the cool things I'm excited about is it looks like I'll be doing a "pulpit swap" with my buddy Chuck Tate from Rock Church....should be a blast!
  6. I think I'm also pretty pumped about our July series "God at the Movies".  Looks like we'll be working with at least one other church to do this series this year...cool stuff!  This is always one of our biggest series, and a great opportunity to invite friends to check us out!
  7. I think I'm blown away by how we continue to connect with people who truly have no church background!  At yesterday's All About BridgeWay Lunch 11 of the 16 attendees were not attending any church before they came to BridgeWay!
  8. I think I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss tonight's Royals/WhiteSox game in Chicago because of a meeting...I'm pumped for the meeting, but I'd been planning to go to that game for about a month!
  9. I think that the meeting I'm going to tonight could be a game-changer...thanks for your prayers!
  10. I think that if you read this you should leave a comment and I'll randomly pick 1 person who comments  by 5pm Tuesday to win a free $5.00 Starbucks card.  Just tell me why you read this blog.
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4 Response to '10 Things I Think I Think - BridgeWay Edition'

  1. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/05/10-things-i-think-i-think-bridgeway.html?showComment=1272922151451#c6472781649520593214'> 16:29

    1.I am so excited about this next series also, for so much growth for everyone.
    2.Inviting and asking! =o)
    3.Band has been great, yuppers totally agree!
    4.I do too, looking forward to some lifegroups and even more new friendships building from them.
    5.That is just way cool, just because it is! Yeah, we get to see Chuck again, will miss you, but have fun at RC.
    6. Always a great series. Other church RC again?
    6 1/2 (haha) I think it would be pretty cool if we could plan a joint picnic this summer with our church & RC togehter and just have a great party of fellowship. What ya think?!?
    7.Agree and that is fan-flipping-tastic.
    8.Sorry about the game (also the reason you mentioned game in last sermon) Will keep praying about all the meetings going on & looking forward to the news being shared.
    9.Exciting, always pray for the decisions and growth, but been doing more this past few weeks with all going on there.
    10. 10 things you said 10 here too! Read you blog, because you rock as a person, pastor, helps in knowing you more, growth.
    Take care Pastor Dale! Since Ben and I have been here the last 2 years we have grown so much, enjoy serving more or again, let go of so many things at Celebrate Recovery, and just a lot more of good happy things happened. Bless you! Amy Young-Aldrich


  2. Marla Hood
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/05/10-things-i-think-i-think-bridgeway.html?showComment=1272945334808#c287708305936930236'> 22:55

    I think I'm really bummed that I missed the message yesterday. And I also think that I will be checking it out online tomorrow!!


  3. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/05/10-things-i-think-i-think-bridgeway.html?showComment=1272981635376#c1213565271691605630'> 09:00

    Do you have to be a member to comment? Too bad! Just can't help not watching what God is doing there! Like a good movie, waiting for the big surprises!


  4. Dale
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/05/10-things-i-think-i-think-bridgeway.html?showComment=1273155788936#c5046131549600122619'> 09:23

    Hey since I got all of 3 comments and only 2 were from identifiable people...you both win...keep an eye on you're mailbox!


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