* Week 3 of "Everybody Ends Up Somewhere..." This week we talked about ending up somewhere physically.
* If we don't manage our physical health well, we'll struggle to accomplish all that God has for us.
* Matt did a great job walking through many of the key Scriptures about how we manage our health.
* I was really impacted by realizing that Jesus included our physical health in the Greatest Commandment..."Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your STRENGTH.".
* The Bible tells us our bodies are supposed to be the temple of God not a rundown double-wide trailer. (Thanks @moviepastor for that one)
* The band played "The Stand" again this week...I love that song!
* Lots of new people at BridgeWay on Sunday! Some of our friends that came on Easter were back which is always very cool!
* We've seen a ton of new people connecting in the last month! Consistently seeing between 400-450 people every Sunday...Great job inviting BridgeWay! We're definitely gonna have to do something to open up more seats in the next 6 months.
* We've now seen over 140 people make professions of faith in the last 9 months! If you're one of them be sure to be a part of our next Baptism night on Tuesday, May 18th!
* If you're wondering what I'm doing to care for myself physically...it's pretty simple: Walking 45min daily, No beverages with sugar, More natural foods, and 7-8 hrs of sleep every night.
* Speaking of rest. Steph and I are at Pastor and Spouses Retreat in Indiana for most of the week. While it's a working retreat for her (she's in charge) we're trying to make it as restful as possible.
* Looking forward to speaking next weekend on how to end up somewhere financially. This is a passion of mine and I also get to bring an update on our Greater Things initiative. Don't miss it!
* Have a great week church!
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