• Continued our series "Everyone End Up Somewhere..." by talking about ending up somewhere in our relationship with God.
  • The number 1 thing you can do to make sure your relationship with God ends up somewhere on purpose is to spend time with God daily.
  • I talk to lots of people who feel like they are too busy and too stressed to find time for God in their daily schedule.  I believe they are stressed because God isn't in their schedule.
  • I know for me, I'm too busy NOT to pray.  
  • We challenged everyone to begin reading 1 chapter per day starting in Matthew 5 for the rest of the year.  Dozens of people, and probably close to 100 adults too the challenge.
  • Youversion.com provides some great Bible Reading Plan tools.
  • Introduced a couple new songs this week. "The Stand" by Hillsong United, and "Pure and Holy Passion"...I really like the song "The Stand".  I know it's actually an older Hillsong song, but it was new to us.
  • We sent a worship team over to Eureka COTN again this week. I'm thankful to pastor a church with so many vocalist and musicians who have high levels of skill...very cool.
  • I'm also thankful for so many volunteers who serve and fill in when needed to cover absences...thanks to everyone to helped to cover our bases in Treasure Quest with several people out this week.
  • We had a pretty light crew on Set Up and Tear Down this week, and had a ton of stuff to get back into the theater after pulling it all out for Easter last Sunday...so big props to our crews who did show up and their hard work this week!
  • Next Sunday we'll be talking about ending up somewhere physically...I wasn't kidding...I really need someone else to teach this message, and I need to apply it to my life big time.
  • Have a great week!
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