• Sorry this is late, but we had massive water problems in our basement this weekend.
  • We spent the afternoon after church pulling the carpet in our basement & bleaching our floor...oh happy day!
  • We closed out our series "Uncertainty" yesterday at both Morton & Pekin with a message on "Leading during times of uncertainty".
  • I really felt like the message connected with a lot of people...very few churches prepare people for the reality that following Jesus doesn't remove all of your problems and may actually lead you into challenging situations.
  • I thought the band in Morton did a great job with the song "These Hard Times" by Needtobreathe.
  • Great worship set & closed with one of my favorite songs "Happy Day".
  • We did another country song Sunday "We Carry On" by Tim McGraw...we've never really done a country song that was over the top great...umm...we still haven't.
  • Pretty sure country isn't our thing...might never do another country song again.
  • We got rocked in attendance with nearly 100 people out between our three services! Yikes...we got some sick folks! My family included...Helena & Mia were both home sick.
  • We announced that beginning next Sunday our Pekin campus will be worshiping with our Morton site.
  • We've been praying for another location in Pekin (we just couldn't afford the Pekin Theater long term) but nothing opened up that would support the style of ministry we do & had adequate children's space...so until something opens up we'll be worshiping in one location.
  • This means that our volunteers in Pekin will be able to actually attend a service and volunteer a service again...which will be nice for some of them who have served every week in Pekin.
  • We're kicking off our fall vision series "Greater Things" on Sunday! Don't miss it! Always a high point of the year.
  • We've talked with a lot of the new people who have been attending in Pekin and so far everyone has been really positive about the move & has been willing to make the drive!
  • I got to go the Michigan/Illinois football game on Saturday...unfortunately for me...Michigan played terrible & the Illini won for 1st time at home vs Michigan since 1879 (actually it was 1983...but it seems like that long).
  • Hope to see you all next Sunday for Greater Things!
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