• Great morning at BridgeWay all the way around!
  • Last week Matt preached in Morton and did a great job. I'm always excited to preach again after missing a week, and this week was no different.
  • Since Matt preached live in Morton last weekend, he decided to preach live in Pekin this week too...heard it went really well.
  • Also heard he'll be preaching live again next Sunday in Pekin...don't miss it if you attend the Pekin Campus.
  • We're in the middle of a series called "Uncertainty" and today I taught on "Un-certain Voices"...it was really a message about dealing with the hurt and pain of facing uncertainty.
  • To set the message up, the band performed the song "Everybody Hurts" by REM...all I can say is AWESOME! They nailed it and Brit did a great job of pulling the emotion out of the song...you could really feel it.
  • Speaking of the band they were great today! Loved the set and it was cool to have Brit leading and J-Rob singing back-up and playing lead.
  • Yes I'm a loser because I shorten people's names and and call them things like J-Rob and Stix.
  • I was surprised at how well attended our worship experiences were today...what with all the sickness and worry about getting sick...I think we still had around 370 people in worship today.
  • That being said, please don't shake my hand if you've got a cold.
  • I think I've washed my hands around 30 times today!
  • Getting ready to go carve some pumpkins with my girls so I think I'll cut this short today.
  • Our youngest daughter Mia turned 5 years old today! Can't hardly believe it!
  • The Bears are a really really mediocre team without their normal linebackers and linemen...today's game was just painful to watch.
  • Looking to forward to seeing you next Sunday!
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