Okay, so I've been writing a Sunday Night Reflections post for the last couple of years and it's been a great way to keep both friends and family updated with what's going on at BridgeWay & to inform our congregation.

That being said, I thought the format was getting a little old. So in honor of Peter King I've switched to a Monday Morning Quarterback style (at least for one week).

Here's what I liked about this weekend:
* The spirit during worship. Personally, I really sensed God's presence in worship.
* Loved the song, "Lead Me to the Cross" by Hillsong United.
* The band was really off the charts.
* Brit leading worship. (last time for awhile...baby on the way any time)
* Our great teams...love our volunteers.
* The "Baby Warrick" video clips are hilarious...if not totally appropriate for worship. (had to be there)
* The video clip of the impact of investing in global heath care...moving story.
* Loved that my flu was gone, and I was basically 95% healthy!
* The Biblical principle that "where our treasure is, there our heart WILL be."
* That several people made a commitment to put God to the test based on Malachi 3:10.
* Stopping in to see Larry Gottman at his "no-more-chemo party"!
* Celebrating Brenna & Mia's birthdays at Build-a-bear Workshop with their friends!
* That Steph and the girls had a good time in Michigan, and got back safely.
* Watching the last 1/2 of the Colts-Pats game...I'm blown away by the end of that game. Belichick is an idiot and Manning is just ridiculous.

What I didn't like about this weekend:
* Preaching for almost 50 minutes! Yikes! The service ran way long because of how many elements I included in the message...probably squeezed 4 weeks of material into a 3 week series. I promise this Sunday...30 minutes!
* What running 20 minutes long does to our Children's Workers...sorry guys, but thanks for your willingness to roll with the punches. You're awesome!
* That some people who God has blessed don't get the principle of giving first...we don't give when we can, no one can give, you have to make sacrifices to give.
* Did I mention that Brit's last Sunday leading worship for a while was yesterday?
* The cold wet weather...yuck!
* Saying a couple of stupid things in my message that we're just dumb...not even worth repeating.
* Watching the Wolverines stink it up on Saturday...wow they are bad!
* Not having a Bears game to watch (and missing the game on Thursday night)...not we missed much.
* Still not getting our basement sealed. Man it's been a crazy couple weeks.

What I'm looking forward to this week:
Our second Greater Things Gathering on Thursday night at 7pm! The one on Saturday was great, and I can't wait to share all the details of the Global portion of Greater Things!
* Seeing how people step up, make sacrifices and give this coming Sunday as we receive our Greater Things Commitments!
* Michigan - Ohio State on Saturday! Call me crazy, but it's still Wolverines/Buckeyes!
* Going out with Steph Friday night!
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