So here we go, round two of Monday Morning Quarterback.

What I liked about this weekend:
* The weather for's about time we had a nice weekend with no rain!
* The response to our Greater Things vision series...that's all I can say right now.
* I will say that we saw 40 families commit to take the "90 Day Tithe Challenge" and that I'm stoked to see what God is going to do in their lives and in the life of our church because of their response. We've already heard one great story that I shared Sunday (you'll have to listen to the message to find out what it was).
* Our great children's volunteers...after really cramping their style the prior week by running 20 minutes long, I actually was a little short this week and several of them didn't get all the way through their lessons...thanks again for your flexibility!
* Our people...just great people here at BridgeWay! I loved hearing at our Greater Things Gathering on Thursday night that people felt like our greatest strength is the love and acceptance of our people. I'm reminded of Jesus words to his disciples, "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, that you love one another."
* That our Worship Director (Chuck Kohler) can be gone for two weeks on vacation and our worship teams don't miss a beat (well maybe a dropped beat here or there, but you get the idea).
* Watching the MLS Championship game on ESPN last night instead of the Bears game....great finish to a great game...double overtime, and a shootout with Real Salt Lake pulling out an amazing upset!
* Getting to play a little "Band Hero" with Helena last stuff.
* Putting up Christmas decorations with our family on Saturday and Sunday...I know it's pre-Thanksgiving, but our schedule doesn't really allow for us to get them up if we do it after Thanksgiving. The kiddos won out this year, and we've got a "family tree" this year with colored lights and mismatched ornaments! Woot!

What I didn't like about this weekend:
* Seeing and talking with so many people who are struggling and hurting right now...simply overwhelming...I'm so glad that they are a part of our church, and I'm praying for them big time this week...will you do the same?
* Cutting one of my favorite songs "Happy Day" at the close of the service...I just felt like it was the right thing to do, but I always feel bad when the band preps a song and we don't get to do least in the second service they got to play it as people were leaving. It was still the right thing to do though.
* Hearing that Steve Hazlett climbed like 20 feet in the air to fix a curtain at the theater...just frightening...yikes! (I liked that it was him and not me though)
* Watching the Michigan Wolverines look terrible versus the team that shall remain nameless...painful.
* The terrible cup of coffee that I had last night at Bob Evans in East Peoria...seriously if you're going to serve coffee at night please least make sure it's fresh.

What I'm looking forward to this week:
* Tons of great stuff here!
* Announcing the results of our Greater Things Vision Initiative on Sunday!
* The start of our Christmas series, "Simple Christmas" this coming Sunday! Please invite people...we'll be making a big deal of Jesus and giving people a chance to respond!
* Spending Thanksgiving with our family in Michigan! We'll be out of town Wednesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon and I can't wait to see our family!
* I'm planning on taking most of the day Friday to do some personal reflection and Action Planning using this tool. I've always done a good job of action planning for the health of our church, but not such a good job of doing so for my own personal health...that's going to change.
* Going to be a great week!
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