• Week 2 of "Uncertainty"today.
  • Sounds a lot like the Cardinals off-season after the way they collapsed in the playoffs.
  • Anyway, on a serious note. Here are my quick hit reflections on today.
  • I got to preach on Jesus' source of peace during uncertainty today...I know that several people really connected with Jesus' example of peace today.
  • Felt like I really struggled to connect at 9:30 for the second week in a row...not sure what's going on with that.
  • Again, 11am was like a different service.
  • I've noticed that the 11am service is a little rowdier than 9:30 so I think that's got something to do with it.
  • Had a bunch of people out today...especially short in some set up and tear down roles and tech stuff...we covered the bases, but could really use some people who are willing to step up and help serve in these areas...let me know if you're interested.
  • Steph had to take our youngest two girls to the doctor this morning before church...so it was a crazy morning for her...got back just in time for the 11am.
  • Had some great conversations with people after church today...great new people getting connected to the church.
  • Looking forward to hearing Matt preach next Sunday!
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