• It's been a very full week for me this week on many levels.
  • Great day on Monday with two ministry students who came to spend the day (and in one case the weekend) with our team. They sat in on staff meeting, asked some great questions about ministry over lunch, and then had some really good discussion around evangelism and outreach later in the day.
  • I love investing in emerging leaders in the church! I hope I have something to offer, and I know that their questions make me better at what I do.
  • Got some long term planning done on Tuesday, and did some location search work with Matt for our Pekin Campus...we're continuing to consider other options as the theater (while nice) has some pretty big drawbacks (had an issue today with their pre-show music coming on during the message...not cool). Thanks for your prayers in this area.
  • Spent Wednesday finishing work on our new series "Uncertainty" and my message for Sunday...didn't feel like I preached all that well, but had a lot of people who connected with the story from Daniel 3...and a new song we did called "Give Me Faith" from Elevation Church.
  • Drove to Michigan Wednesday night late with Mia to spend Thursday with my grandfather. We had been planning to go to a Tigers baseball game all year, and were able to go to a day game in Detroit on Thursday and watch what could have been a AL Central division clinching game...unfortunately they lost, but we had a great time! Don't miss out on the opportunities you get to share significant experiences with family & friends!
  • Returned late afternoon on Friday and spent the evening finishing a wedding ceremony for Sunday (a great couple from BridgeWay) and watching Brenna cheer-lead at the DeeMack football game. We sat in the cold, wind and rain for 2+ hours, and finally called it a night in the 4th quarter at the request of our girls who were freezing.
  • Saturday morning I coached Brenna's final soccer game of the year for her K-1st grade team. We won the game in the cold, rain, and wind & finished our season on a three game win streak and with a 3-3 record. Special thanks to Stacia Rockhold who co-coached the team with me and ran several practices I couldn't make due to my schedule. Really enjoyed coaching these young kids and might even do it again if Brenna or Mia decide to play next year. Spent the afternoon finishing media for Sunday, running over my message (which I'm not sure helped much...rough one this week), and watching the Wolverines lose to Sparty...ouch!
  • Sunday was the kickoff to our new series "Uncertainty". I could really sense that the series is right were several people are living, but struggled to communicate as clearly as I wanted to...mainly due to being doped up on allergy meds (I stayed with my parents when I was in Michigan and they have cats...my allergy were a mess all weekend...have I mentioned my feelings about cats?) All in all it was a good day at BridgeWay, and I finished it off with a wedding after church, and then dinner with the family and friends of the new couple at Granite City...good stuff!
  • Looking forward to a somewhat more normal week this week before another crazy one the following week (I've got some minor surgery coming up and will be out of commission for a few days later this month).
  • Have a great week!
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