• Finished out our "No Perfect People" series today in Morton. It's been a great series that's been all about the culture and values of our church.
  • The amount of guests that we've had at both of our campuses over the last month has been overwhelming! Today was no exception...I met a ton of people who were new to BridgeWay today.
  • I continue to have my heart broken as I talk to people who are going through some very challenging and painful life experiences. Again, today was no exception.
  • I've really enjoyed hearing all the stories from people at BridgeWay that we've shared through video over the past few weeks...love the people of our church!
  • Really thought the Morton band did a great job with the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath today...great song!
  • Getting pretty excited to be starting a new series in Morton next week called "Uncertainty"...a great series to invite someone to come with you.
  • So many people that I've talked to are dealing with uncertainty...financial, relational, vocational, health...you name it...people are going through a series time of uncertainty...the good news is that God is at work! Find out where next Sunday!
  • After worship I ran down to the BridgeWay Ministry Center for the All About BridgeWay Lunch.
  • Got to meet about 20 new people who were interesting in finding out more about BridgeWay and getting connected to the church. One of my favorite things to do is meet new people and hear their stories.
  • HUGE THANKS to all the set up and tear down peeps who's hard work allowed me to get down to the All About BridgeWay Lunch in a timely manner! Can't tell you how much that helps new people connect to the church!
  • Spent the afternoon at the park with Steph, Brenna & Mia...it was a beautiful day and a great day to hang at the park. We got home just in time to watch the Bears score the game winning touchdown! Go Bears!
  • Finishing some video work and watching the Colts game...and preparing for staff meeting tomorrow! Have a great week!
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