• Today was our first actual Preview Service for our Pekin Campus at the Showplace 14 Theaters in Pekin.
  • Matt has done a great job putting together an awesome team for the launch of our campus in Pekin.
  • I'm so proud of all the leaders who have gone to help get this party started in Pekin.
  • I'm also proud of our leaders who have stepped up to help lead at our Morton campus!
  • Especially proud of our set up guys this morning at Morton. We were down 2 guys + all the guys who went to Pekin...and you guys still got it done! Mad props to Jesse Miller who worked extra hard all morning doing the work of like 3 guys!
  • I talked with Matt after the Preview Service and was pumped to hear that even with using video people were responding to the message, and we even had people accept Christ today at our Preview Service!
  • In case you haven't heard...video does work! And I promise it will get better every week, until we get it as good as we possibly can get it.
  • The worship team at Morton was great today.
  • They covered John Mayer's "Something's Missing"...it was stellar!
  • Finishing our "Becoming" series by talking about the Holy Spirit and our need for his work in our life...especially strong at 9:30.
  • Please be praying about who you're going to invite to the Morton campus next week for the start of No Perfect People in Morton! We'll be recording the message for our Pekin Grand Opening on September 13th...so let's show out strong!
  • Everyone please be praying about who God's asking you to invite to Grand Opening on the 13th...regardless of what campus you attend.
  • If you attend Morton...we want to encourage you to be in Morton on September 13th to free up as many seats in Pekin as possible...if you want to check it out after that go for it! Matt and his team would love to have you check it out later that month.
  • Supposed to be picking up the signage for both campuses later this week.
  • Invite everyone you can to BBQ & Baptism on Labor Day weekend at Idlewood Park in Morton at 11am! Let's celebrate this thing right!
  • Gotta finish up...some guy and his buddies are coming to pick up my pool table! Glad to see that thing go!
  • Have a great week!
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