• This is for all ya'll who have been riding my case for not posting a reflection this week.
  • Sunday at BridgeWay was awesome!
  • We kicked off No Perfect People at our Morton Campus and it was a great morning!
  • The band in Morton was great! Our worship experiences have been really strong the last few weeks...thick with God's Spirit!
  • Matt said the Pekin band was smokin'...best they've ever been!
  • Made some big improvements in our video technology at Pekin this week.
  • Tons of new people at both services in Morton and also in Pekin!
  • I think we were close to 350 in worship...great to see so many new people checking out what God is doing here.
  • Had 2 people in Morton give their lives to Jesus!
  • Had our final Preview Worship Experience in Pekin, and the reviews were very strong! Best week yet...and it will keep getting better!
  • So many God conversations today as I talked with people who will be getting baptized at BridgeWay on Sunday...it looks like over 40 will be getting baptized!
  • Can't wait to see you all on Sunday for BBQ & Baptisms...be sure to invite someone!
  • Here are the directions to Idlewood Park in Morton...just in case you need them.
  • See you at 11am on Sunday!
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