• Wow, I'm really loving our "Becoming" series!
  • Somewhere between 16-20 people made commitments to give up something that was holding them back from living with Christ at the center of their lives today!
  • Great worship set: Solution, Salvation is Here, Spring of Life, and Lead Me to the Cross!
  • We've got around 30 people signed up to be baptized at BBQ & Baptisms on September 6th!
  • We'll also be hearing from our Missions Team to Guatemala, Commissioning our Pekin Launch Team, and Dedicating at least one child...going to be a great day!
  • Introduced the new logo & website for BridgeWay today: you can see it at www.bwcc.tv.
  • I've been batching it all weekend since Steph went to her parents to help them with some work at their house & to pick up Brenna & Mia...wow I've missed them!
  • Finishing up our "Becoming" series next week...you will not want to miss it!
  • Our 1st Preview Worship Experience for the Pekin campus is next Sunday at 10am...and we're just 4 weeks away from Grand Opening!
  • Start praying now about who God wants you to invite to the Grand Opening & to our series "No Perfect People"!
  • See you all next Sunday!
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