* Kicked off ONE PRAYER series today with a message titled: God is...on a mission.
* Loved last year's ONE PRAYER series so much that we are partnering with 1,700 other churches again this year.
* Last year BridgeWay gave enough to help start 2 new churches as a part of the ONE PRAYER offering...I love it when people live generously...I'm praying we can help start at least 2 if not 3 churches this year.
* I can't tell you just how good the band was today...the worship set was perfect for the day, and the closing song was one of my favorites (and Helena's too by the way).
* The set was: Joy (Three 63), Salvation is Here (Hillsong United), Mighty to Save (Hillsong), Glory to God (Fee & others), and we closed with We Shine (Fee again).
* We had a great stage set built for ONE PRAYER, and will be able to use it for several other series...looked great! Our summer intern Kyan Glenn did a great job with the building of the set...he's been a great addition to our team for the summer.
* Had 3 people accept Christ in our 11am worship experience...that never gets old!
* Cool story behind them accepting Christ...just can't write about it here.
* I felt really good about the message today.
* I'm excited to focus on the character of God over the next few weeks...I'm convinced that every spiritual dysfunct we face is rooted in a distortion of who God is...people are going to get some help in this series!
* Great second week for Celebrate Recover this weekend...I'm excited to be helping to lead worship this Saturday night at CR with some guys who I used to play with every week a few years ago.
* Enjoyed going fishing on Friday (my usual day off) with Dave from church...we caught bass all day long...I think 23 in all...and a pretty big catfish...great fun!
* Performed another wedding on Saturday for Derek and Kayte...great couple, great wedding, just a great day.
* It's been a day of highs and lows for me...great morning of worship at BridgeWay, and a great lunch with the Kohlers at Alexander's Steakhouse...then I heard tonight that a pastor I respected and who has helped us improve as a portable church resigned this morning due to a moral failure...I am continually being reminded of the need to live a life of integrity and to guard my heart.
* Looking forward to lunch tomorrow with my buddy Jesse from Real Life Church in Marquete Heights...and a little Chicago Hut (love that place)!
* Now finishing the night off with a little Guitar Hero with Helena and Brenna...then the last quarters of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
* Can't wait to be with you all again next Sunday!
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