* Closed our our Hostage series today with a message about "Breaking Free from Hang-Ups".
* Preached on the story of the woman at the well from John4.
* People usually think the story is about the woman, but I'm convinced that Jesus was also dealing with the hang up of legalism that so many people deal with.
* I know a lot of Christians who are more concerned with their personal piety than the broken people living around them...this is a real issue that I deal with on a personal level.
* Great summer crowd today...roughly 350 in worship...even with a good group gone to share about our Pekin Campus launch with Ottawa First Nazarene.
* We sent Matt, Chuck, Kevin, Ryan, Dave, Brit, Rhonda, and a couple other families to Ottawa to share what God has been doing at BridgeWay, and to share how they could help us launch another site in Pekin.
* Thanks to Brian Wangler for allowing our team to share this vision with your congregation...and thanks for receiving our team so well.
* Also, thanks for the generous love offering that will cover 1 round of marketing for our fall launch.
* So proud of our Celebrate Recovery Team!
* Saturday night was the kickoff for our Celebrate Recovery ministry at BridgeWay.
* Great first meeting, and a great group of volunteer leaders...and some powerful testimonies of how God is using CR to set people free from addictions and hang-ups.
* Can't wait to see how God uses this ministry!
* I have a couple of big meetings tomorrow...prayers would be appreciated.
* Next Sunday we kick off a new series called "One Prayer"...don't miss it...see you there!
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