* Week 2 of One Prayer today with a message from Perry Noble at NewSpring Church called "God is...Here".
* Quote of the day was overheard by my friend Rick "This guy is a nut case, but he's funny so he's alright...I like him."
* Perry's message was a great reminder that God has given us the ability to live in victory. I'm convinced that too few of us actually live in the victory that we have been given through Christ.
* I am so thankful for the reminder that God is "with me always, even unto the end of the age."
* Great worship set today...strong songs about Jesus and his victory.
* I loved having Jake Smith drumming today. It's great to have him back from college and having him play drums for the first time at BridgeWay. He was our first bass player back in the Bertha Frank days...even though he really wanted to drum. Great young man who has always displayed a maturity beyond his years.
* I'm constantly amazed at how many gifted leaders God has brought to BridgeWay. From our worship teams, to our welcome teams, cafe teams, children's ministry teams, small group leaders, and CR team...we are blessed as a church.
* Got to meet several people who are new to the church today...haveing a week off from preaching gives me a chance to talk with people I would normally not get a chance to see.
* With the Sunday off from preaching I also noticed that there are some people I haven't seen in a few weeks.
* One of the people who was missing today was Matt Robinson our Equipping Pastor. He and a pretty big group traveled to Kokomo, Indiana to cast the vision for church planting, and the Pekin Campus to Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene (Matt's home church). They led worship in their two morning worship services, and then led the evening service as well.
* Thanks to Kokomo First and their leadership for their willingness to partner with us on reaching people for Christ!
* Today was Steph and my 12th Anniversary! Impossible to believe it's actually been 12 years. Next to what Christ has done for me, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me!
* We had dinner out at Texas Roadhouse for our Anniversary dinner...love that place and the sweet potatoes!
* Getting pretty pumped to be heading to Orlando, FL with my family on Wednesday morning for a week of vacation, then another week at General Assembly!
* It's been a crazy few weeks around BridgeWay for all of our staff and volunteer leaders...thanks for all you do! Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to some focused time with my family...they deserve it! I love our church, but I love my family even more.
* We'll be hitting up Disney's Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, Aquatica, and several other sights before the start of General Assembly...we've rented a vacation house and are looking forward to spending a few days just lounging at the pool too! Praying for good weather!
* I'll definitely miss being with everyone at BridgeWay for the next 2 Sundays...but trust me you'll be in good hands...we've got a great staff and leadership team!
* Have a great week!
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