* What a great day at BridgeWay today!
* Ton's of new people in worship today.
* Lots of people back from Easter.
* One of our best attended 9:30 worship experiences ever.
* I really loved last year's God at the Movies series, and this year's is just as good, if not better.
* Preached on the brevity of life today using the film "The Bucket List" to illustrate.
* Main text was from Romans 13:11-12...read the whole chapter it's good stuff!
* The band did two great songs to support the message..."If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback and "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw....both were great!
* Getting pretty excited for "Iron Man" next week, going to be talking about Paul's conversion...I love conversion stories.
* Also getting pretty excited for our team that is going to be launching our Saturday night worship experience and Celebrate Recovery ministry coming up in May!
* Pray for the CR team this weekend as they will be traveling to Tulsa, OK for training.
* Steph and I are at a district Pastor and spouses event that she's in charge of for the next couple of days...pray for her that things go smoothly, and that we're able to relax at least for a little bit.
* Also be praying for Matt Robinson this week, he'll be in Orlando for the Exponential Conference...the biggest annual church planting conference in the United States.
* Looking forward to next Sunday with you all!
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