* It's days like today that humble and remind me of just how much I need God and how blessed I am to be a part of what God is doing at BridgeWay.
* I love worshiping with millions of other Christians around the world by opening worship with the words, "He is risen! He is risen indeed!". Goosebumps every time!
* Last Easter we had 425 people join us for worship and maxed out the Morton Cinemas where we meet for worship.
* This year we moved our Easter worship to the Pekin Showplace 14 Theaters to create room for up to 1,000 people to join us for worship.
* To make this happen we had to get creative.
* We had 2 services at 9am and 2 more at 11am...in different theaters, with different bands, and different preachers...and had to overstaff our children's ministry big time.
* At the end of the day we had over 800 people join us for worship...and between 900-1,000 come out for Operation Egg Drop at 10:30.
* Most importantly, we had at least 11 people make first-time commitments to Christ, and another 7 recommit their lives to Christ!
* That never gets old!
* Seriously, today literally blew my mind.
* I was blown away by everything our volunteers did to pull off a simply amazing Easter Celebration today...our volunteers are our life's blood at BridgeWay...can't do it without you guys!
* Huge shout outs to the following volunteers teams:
* Set Up Crew - you guys are animals, many of you showed up at 6am and several had to get up at 4am to be in place to help with set up...you rocked set up and we were doing service runthroughs by 8am for our 9am worship experiences...awesome! That's 2 complete sound rigs, 2 complete projection rigs, 4 children's rooms, cafe, registration, and information set ups...all in under 2 hours! Awesome!
* Egg Drop Crew - wow...the Egg Drop looked great! The excellence level was fantastic...I was pumped when I came out after 9am worship and saw the lot full of cars being directed by parking lot greeters, and all the workers registering kids for the Egg Drop...great job! Oh and I loved that the kids got to do 2 hunts today (if you are reading this and were not there...bummer...it's an inside joke).
* Children's Staff - okay, so seriously, you guys are my heros! I'm so thankful for a safe and trained children's minstry team that can go over and above and accomidate the huge numbers of kids who showed up to learn about Jesus today! Great job!
* Worshp Teams - we basicly had to double the number of people leading worship this week...a huge shout out to Johnny B & his brother Tony for stepping up and helpping lead this week. The quality of our worship teams continues to improve even as we continue to involve more and more people...awesome!
* Greeters, Ushers & Hospitality - Thanks for creating a great first impression for over a hundred new guests this morning...that's right...well over 100 first time guests...wow!
* Special shouts out to: Matt Robinson, Connie Borth, Chuck Kohler, Dixie Sanders, Lori Gama, Adam Lagacy, Kevin Grose, Justin Robbins, and anyone else I missed who had major leadership responsiblity in making a very complex and detailed plan move from dream to flawless reality!

* Other thoughts:
* Great start to our God at the Movies series with the film "The Chronicles of Narnia: LWW"...lots of people were moved by C.S. Lewis' allegory of our need for Christ and his sacrifice for us.
* The set list for today was off the charts: Not My Time, Salvation is Here, Spring of Life, Beautiful Jesus, and Happy Day...could be one of the best we've ever done...great Easter songs!
* Loved seeing so many new faces and several old faces I hadn't seen in several years today! You know who you are...hope to see you again soon!
* Huge amounts of followup will be going down tomorrow around BridgeWay! Love it!
* Loved announcing the launch of our Pekin Campus this fall today while we were actually in Pekin!
* Loved announcing the start of our Saturday Night Celebrate Recovery Ministry today...it starts next month! Support and recovery ministry & a Saturday night worship venue...very exciting.
* Now the work of creating space at the Morton Cinema to be able to average over 500 in our current facility begins...can't wait to get to work!

One last reflection:
* My favorite story from the weekend is a young man named Cody who's been coming to BridgeWay for a few months. Cody is growing in his faith faster than anyone I've ever discipled. Cody's heart is heavy for his father to know Jesus. We've been praying for Cody's dad to come to faith in Christ. Today Cody's dad came with him to BridgeWay for the first time. Today Cody's dad made a decision to accept Christ as his Savior! That's why we do what we do!

Hey BridgeWay I've got three words for you this week:
* Make Jesus famous!
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