• Week 3 of our series Mythbusters today, and we talked about Sin Myths.
  • For a lot of people "sin" is a 3 letter word that gets treated like a 4 letter word.
  • We get really uncomfortable talking about the possibility that we might actually be sinners.
  • Problem is that until we recognize we are sinners, we don't realize we have a need for a Savior.
  • Addressed 3 myths about sin today: I'm not a sinner, My sin only affects me, and I've already messed up so I might as well keep sinning.
  • You could really feel the tension in the room during the 11am worship experience.
  • I shared a very personal story about sin in my life that had a profound impact on other people.
  • I'm thankful to pastor church where people can be honest and don't have to pretend like they have or have always had it all together.
  • Loved the worship set today!
  • Salvation is Here, Victorious, Amazing Grace, and Freedom Reigns...the sense of God's presence was palpable during both worship experiences.
  • Yes we did push the limits a bit with this week's Mythbusters video...and yes it was very funny.
  • Speaking of pushing the limits...don't miss next Sunday!
  • I'm really glad that Matt Robinson is coming back from vacation...dang I'm shot...definitely couldn't keep up with everything without his help...I love our staff!
  • Had the chance to go to Kansas City on Monday and Tuesday last week to be a part of a network of church planting directors...it was good and I enjoyed seeing my friends Dave Thornhill and Dave Hazel from the KC area, and meeting a new friend Kip Hasselbring from Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Spent the day Thursday with about 200 other pastors from the area listening to Leonard Sweet talk about how to communicate with people living in a google world...very good stuff! And it was FREE...that's always a benefit!
  • I had the chance to bring a young man named Cody with me from BridgeWay for the Leonard Sweet conference. God is up to some big things in this young man's life.
  • Lori Gama did a great job talking about our upcoming trip to Honduras...be sure to let her know if you are interested! Let's send at least 10 people on this trip!
  • Looking forward to taking a day off this week...I've missed it the last two weeks and I'm paying for it...I was shot after worship this morning.
  • I did take some time this afternoon to go throw some plastic with Helena, and some guys from church out at Washington Park...shot a +5 on my first time out this year...not a bad start.
  • Be sure to begin praying for the people and families that God is asking you to invite to Easter worship this year! We'll be having a prayer time for them as a part of next week's worship experiences.
  • Have a great night...I'm out!
  • See ya' Sunday.
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