My new favorite blackberry app is a great online radio station app from Slacker is a Pandora-like internet radio station application that I can use on my blackberry to stream pretty much any kind of music I want for FREE...simply awesome!

  • Mobile. Unlike Pandora, I can take Slacker with me on my Blackberry Curve.
  • Driving tunes. I've hooked my Blackberry up to my car charger, fired up my favorite station, and run the audio into my car stereo.
  • Quality. The audio quality even when driving is very high quality...very seldom does my blackberry have to buffer the stream.
  • Unlike Pandora, Slacker groups artist together that I would not see as having much in common. For example: today I was listening to the Jack Johnson station and got a Don Henley tune...not even close.
  • Busy homepage and player on their web app. Pandora is far simpler. Simple is good.
Overall I think I will continue to use Pandora in the office and Slacker on the road. You can download the Blackberry app for Slacker here.
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  1. StrangeLand Bass'> 15:53

    Ok - had to come post a comment since I read about this and downloaded Slacker. Not a bad product - and streaming metal through my phone is killer. . .

    However. . . . surfing over to today, I see a comparison between slacker and. . . . PANDORA! Yeah - downloaded Pandora. It rocks.

    What I see as the difference:
    Pandora seems to have subtly better audio quality.
    Pandora has ads (yuck)
    Unlimited skips (!!!!!)
    I do like the channel selections on Slacker better - there seem to be more predefined, but on Pan you can pick a song, artist or whatever and the channel is built automagically.

    However - I've been listening to Dream Theater, Kamelot, Symphony X, Iron Maiden,Dragonland - and other bands that seem to be far less than mainstream bands. . . John Mayer (my guilty pleasure) - and even Francesca Battistelli!!!

    Cool stuff. Thanks for getting me hooked! at least I got an ac adapter at work. . . and in the car. . . ;)


  2. Anonymous'> 13:17

    The Lastest Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 1.1 free download:


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