• Okay, my head is still spinning from today!
  • 21 adults committed their lives to Christ today, and several more made a fresh commitment to Christ!
  • At least another 5 made commitments to Christ in our Children's Ministry!
  • Today I talked about the myth that "Heaven is boring and Hell is a blast". With a very clear call to follow Christ at the close of both worship experiences.
  • I was so pumped up that I could hardly get to sleep last night...finally slept from about 3am to 5am this morning...I'm about to crash!
  • The band did a stellar job on Los Lonely Boys song "Heaven" today.
  • The worship set was really powerful (especially at 11) "Everybody Praise the Lord", "Filled with Your Glory", and "How Great is our God".
  • Yes we did do "Highway to Hell", and yes it was over the top...there was simply not a better song that supports the myth that "hell is a blast". Could have been the best executed song we've ever done.
  • I preached hard about the truth of heaven and hell today.
  • Trust me, you don't want to go to hell...not a fun place.
  • Trust me, you really do want to go to heaven...simply read Revelation 21...wow!
  • If you want to know how you can know for sure that you are going to heaven read 1st John! Then obey what Jesus says!
  • Lots of people want their tickets punched to heaven without ever having to obey what Jesus says to do....that ain't gonna cut it.
  • Great attendance in the second service...packed house...first service was a little lighter today...gotta have some people move up again.
  • Closed both services with a pretty cool interactive prayer time.
  • We had people take their cell phones out and we texted messages to people that we were praying for them and then closed with a time of prayer...cool stuff.
  • Getting ready to head out with Steph to a Marriage Encounter Weekend closing session. We had 3 couples from BridgeWay there this weekend, and we were praying for them.
  • After that, I'll be driving to Olivet Nazarene University for the next two days to attend the Holiness Summit with people from around the mid-west.
  • Then I'll be on vacation for a week in Florida with my grandfather. We'll be going to several spring training games together...Lakeland (Detroit Tigers), Tampa Bay (Yankees), Sarasotta (Reds), and Bradenton (Pittsburg)...should be a lot of fun! Haven't taken a vacation since last summer...definitley looking forward to a week to relax. Pray for Steph, she's saying home with our girls while I go play...my wife is simply amazing!
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