About six weeks ago, I received a free PDF version of Tony Morgan's most recent book "Killing Cockroaches"...yes, I was to say the least PUMPED!

Then about 2 weeks ago, I received a FREE print copy of Tony Morgan's most recent book "Killing Cockroaches" in the mail...and yes, I was DOUBLELY PUMPED!

Here's some quick hit highlights from my reading.

  • Tony's writting on leadership is some of the most practical and easy to understand writting that I've read.
  • I really enjoyed the short 1-2 page leadership lessons and reflections.
  • I'm currently working through several of the lessons with our staff at BridgeWay. For example: Deal Breakers for Leaders, Define Your Vision, and Man Church are great for focusing discussion of our mission, and vision as a church.
  • I love the interviews and insights from some of today's top leaders such as: Craig Groeschel, Guy Kawasaki, Dino Rizzo, and Seth Godin.
I have found myself agreeing with Tony on nearly every page, and have really seen the value of the book when we have discussed the lessons in staff meetings. Considering how easy this book is to read and to discuss with your staff, I'd recommend you go pick up a copy for your church today!

Oh, and if you prefer the Kindle edition you can get it here!
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