Ed Stetzer had great post on his blog this week where he shared the following research:

Lifeway Research and the North American Mission Board surveyed over 15,000 people (read more on this report via Lifeway Research). It turns out most people said they would be willing to receive information about church in a personal conversation with a family member, friend or neighbor.


The survey tested 13 potential approaches to those outside of the church. The most effective method for bringing people to church is through personal invitations by family or friends. Most Americans say this approach is likely to work on them. Can you guess what approach comes in last? What method of engaging and inviting is considered least acceptable? Yep, door-to-door visitation (Less than a quarter of Americans would appreciate a visit from your church to their front door).

Additionally, the research suggested some information on when people would be most open to an invitation to a church. For example, 47% of those surveyed said they were more open to matters of faith during the Christmas holidays; 38% around Easter, and 28% after the birth of a baby.

Just a reminder...Easter is April 12th!

People are most open to a personal invitation.

People are especially open at Easter.

Who will you be inviting to hear the story of Jesus this Easter?

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