Helena's 8th Grade Volleyball team from Dee-Mack finished up another great season Tuesday night by winning 3rd place at State! Their overall record was 26-3. The final game of the season was special for a number of reasons:
  • It was the last game these Jr. Highers will play together as a team. (the same team won state last year in 7th grade)
  • It came after a difficult loss Saturday and a rough opening game when they lost 25-6 and had to come back to win the last two games....which they did.
  • It was the last night that our friends the Lewis' were in the area before moving to Georgia. Their 7th grade daughter played up on the 8th grade team for the state tournament, and so the family left immediately after the game...from tears of joy to tears of sorrow all in a few moments for a lot of the kids last night.
An emotional end to a great year. Congratulations!
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